The Complete Guide to Broadcom Layer7 API Management as 2020’s Leader Compass

Article By: Tiffany Kongpachith

Broadcom strives to adapt and innovate new ways for the consumers, partners, vendors, etc. API Management is a growing field of advancements for the future. All the information mentioned in this document are referencing what is to come and what to expect in terms of all the APIM products. Additionally, new enhancements like their beta development ideas for the Gateway Plugin and Container Gateways, SAAS configurations to better the user experience, and the API Academy website can provide more intel articles, links, and use cases for developers. This, in turn, expands usage with their APIs and provides better methods and strategies to make them more efficient and secure.

This guide is designed to take a closer look at API management, which includes capabilities for targets focusing on the audience of API Managers, Publishers, and Infrastructure Managers/Administrators. All information provided in this document was presented at Broadcom Canada APIM Partner Workshop.

The Lifecycle of API Management

  1. We want to start to integrate with BlazeMeter.
    • These offerings to BizOps platform. 
  2. Next, integrate/offer BizOps platform.
    • BizOps is the next generation enterprise (infrastructure management platform).


  • Developer Portal 4.5 will be released this summer of 2020.
  • As well as API Gateway version 10 will be released in March 2020.

Anything in regard to SaaS?

  • Broadcom will look more into configurations to better the experience.
  • Customers are not using this platform as much now but looking to more usage in the future.
  • Docker Swap – OpenShift (Portal) they will look to providing Kubernetes in the future state as well as a multi-tenant appliance.

Any news on the Gateway Developer Plugin?

  • Streamline management of API Policies.
  • Multi-geo infrastructure.
  • Developer Portal to manage the policies (future planning state).

Please reference the Broadcom TechDocs for information about the Gateway Developer Plugin – 

To view the Gateway Developer Plugin in GitHub, reference this link – 

New Integration with Istio (Service Mesh):

  • Global deployments.
  • OAuth plugin with Ingress will be available.
  • Certificate control via Citadel.

Microgateway, Portal, and Container Gateway:

  • Will be providing a full-service mesh integration.

Layer7 API Management SKU:

Broadcom has now offered a bundle or SKU that contains all solutions as a part of the API Management stack – this contains the API Gateway, Mobile API Gateway, API Developer Portal, Live API Creator, and microservices.

  • 1 instance this will include the Mobile API Gateway with the API Gateway.
  • This will give access to Live API Creator.
  • 1 Portal tenant per instance.
  • Cost will be around $150K per instance.
  • This includes entitlements which will support all form factors.
  • This would be considered the “Super Gateway Instance / SKU”.
  • Legacy SKUs will be available to renew or smaller capacity increases.
  • Mobile API Gateway will be a in a cluster of 2 – need 2 instances – how is this possible? What about for just one?


  • New contents – more videos, books, podcasts, etc.
  • New articles – API Design, API Security, API Strategy, etc.
  • New posts – new post will be added monthly.

Please refer to the link – for all of the contents, articles, and posts. The API Academy is an initiative supported by Broadcom, which empowers the world’s leading companies to transform their customer experience, innovate with speed, optimize value, and ensure trust at scale with Digital BizOps software.

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ISXThe Complete Guide to Broadcom Layer7 API Management as 2020’s Leader Compass

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