ISX offers a unique approach to Web Access Management (WAM) solutions in conjunction with our industry-leading Identity Access Management strategies. Organizations have long relied upon WAM for the secure exchange of information using web-based applications, a key component of business process services. ISX has resold, trained, and implemented Symantec’s Privileged Access Management solution for over 10 years. While WAM systems are not new, pressures around cost control, compliance, and growth are causing organizations to rethink their approach to management and governance of their WAM solutions. ISX uses Symantec SiteMinder to meet our organizations business drivers and security management concerns by:

  • Creating a seamless experience for users, including access to partner systems
  • Reducing costs with delegated administration and simplified management
  • Reducing time to market response to meet the business needs with the latest features, including strong authentication
  • Moving beyond retroactive audits and toward continuous compliance

Leveraging DevOps principles, coupled with our extensive experience in security policies, guidelines, procedures, and standards, ISX can help digitally transform the management of your Symantec SiteMinder infrastructure. We maximize business process efficiency by automating the complete application lifecycle management process, including the following four stages: Onboard, Connect, Manage, and Offboard.

What is Web Access Management?

Web Access Management (WAM) solutions provide a traditional approach to controlling user access to web resources through authentication management and policy-based authorization. Primarily for an on-premise system, WAM interacts with multiple server components and tools such as database servers, firewalls, and more. WAM functions using authentication to confirm that a user is who they claim to be and authorization to confirm that a user has permission to access a given asset. A WAM security model then issues a temporary access token to the given set of data upon user validation.

Modern access management solutions are integrated with IAM capabilities to enable multi-factor authentication (MFA) and single sign-on (SSO) implementation. With the evolution of business applications and management, web access must be compatible with on-premise and cloud-based models. By combining WAM and IAM methodologies, ISX collaborates with the full range of enterprise systems to empower an organization with enhanced process efficiencies.

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