ISX utilizes Symantec’s Privileged Access Management solution to offer clients the unique ability to implement and integrate an in-depth protection strategy that spans all critical elements of the privileged account management spectrum. As one of the most critical but underutilized components of every Information Security Program, Privileged Access Management mitigates the inevitable risk that every device and application poses from the moment it is activated. All access points and accounts must be protected from security breaches, whether it’s an Active Directory domain administrator account, a Windows server local administrator account, the root account on Linux/Unix operating system, the SA account within database applications, or the built-in account within an application.

ISX Symantec Privileged Access Management solution takes into consideration the importance of identifying accounts that have been created after the initial launch. These accounts are often deemed as trusted, and therefore provide an attacker with the easiest access to the network through theft of credentials or phishing attacks.

What is Privileged Access Management?

Privileged Access Management are cybersecurity technologies and methodologies designed to exercise control over specific permissions for users, accounts, operations, and applications throughout an IT and Security system. These strategies exert an appropriately determined level of access to elevated or “privileged” entities, thereby preventing or reducing cyber risk from breaches in security.

Generally, Privileged Access Management falls under the domain of identity and access management (IAM), which work together to provide all-encompassing protection, visibility, flexibility, and control over an organization’s credentials. Every business strives to remove all privileges from a user’s day-to-day account, while using a Privileged Access Management solution with multi-factor authentication to provide abstraction between regular users and the privilege they require to carry out their daily jobs.

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