ISX implements an Identity Management approach that interweaves DevOps principles into IT and Security Operations responsibilities. As one of our core capabilities since our inception, our methodology combined with our unique understanding of application lifecycle management enables us to improve human lifecycle management and non-human-related processes alike. ISX Identity Management solution derives full potential from employee, contractor, and vendor identities, as well as from service, testing, training, and privileged identities by enhancing efficiency in three fundamental facets: Cycle Time, Work Time, and Error Rate.

As an identity management consulting firm, ISX employs leading-edge technology to achieve these objectives, with Broadcom’s Symantec Identity Manager. We provide a fully automated Identity Management and Identity Governance solution serving both human and non-human identity populations across the hybrid enterprise, either on-premise and/or cloud.

What is Identity Management?

Identity Management, or Identity and Access Management (IAM), is an integrated system of business processes, policies, and technologies that enables organizations to facilitate and control their users’ access to critical applications and resources. IAM often refers to the set of technologies and processes that manage internal and external users throughout the organization’s lifecycle. This system of procedures is used to create and delete accounts, manage account and entitlement changes, and track policy compliance.

As identity management is used to authorize access to the correct identities in the correct context, the process centers around defining and monitoring the roles and access of individuals within an organization’s business process services and applications. These individuals can be employees, customers, vendors, contractors, or even non-human identities.

As an essential component of any organization’s security, IAM serves as the bridge between protection and efficiency. Enterprises utilize identity management to defend their assets and proprietary information and mitigate hacking and malware attacks. Simultaneously, successful IAM empowers employee productivity across a range of circumstances and environments.

Many IAM processes either completely fail or fall short due to the tendency of identity management consulting firms to overpromise and underdeliver. ISX has secured an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the IAM sphere, as we maintain focus on the Broadcom Symantec Identity Management solution stack within the Identity Management Gartner Quadrant. Accordingly, our staff of experts delivers IAM solutions faster and with a higher degree of success.

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