ISX implements Broadcom’s Identity Governance solution as its enablement technology to meet the regulatory requirements and needs of an organization. We implement our strategy for identity governance and administration through an all-encompassing program that covers how System Access is managed and monitored, including a robust Role Based Access Control (RBAC) framework.

RBAC is a method of restricting application access based on the roles of individual users and accounts within an enterprise. This methodology grants users and systems the access rights to only the information necessary to do their jobs and prevents them from accessing information that does not pertain to them. ISX RBAC strategies are exceptionally unique, as we work intuitively for your end-users with our contextual approach toward the creation of system access definitions. Upon completion of our services, your organization will be able to satisfy the following business objectives:

  • Establish a centralized place to store System Access Entitlements, or roles.
  • Develop a role design which covers properties and usages of the role.
  • Create and publish a Role Lifecycle Management methodology, which will cover the onboarding, connection, publication, management, and offboarding for all System Access Roles within the organization.
  • Develop and publish requests and review process guides and metrics for measurement.
  • Conduct real-time accurate certification campaigns for System Access Role Owners.
  • Conduct real-time reporting on the following:
    • Who has System Access to what?
    • When was System Access granted?
    • What System Access was approved, and by whom?
    • What was done with the System Access?
  • Conduct real-time and accurate certification campaigns for Employee System Access Roles by Managers.

What is Identity Governance?

Identity governance equips organizations with enhanced visibility of their accounts, identities, and access privileges and provides improved control to detect and prevent unwanted access. As a subcategory of identity and access management (IAM), the field of identity governance surfaced from the emerging compliance and regulation needs associated with these concepts. Identity governance solutions are conventionally added on to IAM products to help organizations better predict, prevent, and identify threats to security.

The governance of System Access is a critical component of every information security program. Without it, an organization likely exposes itself to unnecessary risks from failed audits or unknown exposure due to compromised users. Additionally, a lack of identity governance could result in significantly reduced business process efficiency, or even the inability to meet regulatory and compliance-related demands.

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