ISX executes a thorough digital transformation strategy with cutting-edge Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) by implementing Broadcom’s Layer7 API Management solution. In today’s business environment, risk mitigation and adaptability are the most critical components of an organization’s go-to-market methodology. In order to lay the foundation for future-proof business processes, one must have the ability to continuously evolve and innovate with minimum resistance while becoming less prone to technological disruption. ISX API integration and management solution centralizes the control, analytics, and development of your business workflow to drastically improve efficiency and boost dependability.

What is API Management?

API management is the process of monitoring, controlling, and analyzing the interfaces that connect an organization’s data and applications, whether on-premise or in the cloud. APIs are designed to allow applications to interact both internally and externally by leveraging the http protocol as its primary transport. Modern enterprises implement API management strategies to better respond to sudden shifts in customer and market demands. Most API management solutions, such as ISX API Management, are designed to facilitate the following abilities: API Gateway, Developer Portal, API Lifecycle Management, and API Analytics.

While the power of APIs is becoming unparalleled, they must continuously be managed and governed to ensure they remain secure and robust. Developing a strategy around full API lifecycle management becomes increasingly important, as this covers how APIs are onboarded, connected, published, managed, and ultimately offboarded.

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