ISX is equipped with expert consultants who possess the breadth of knowledge and quality of skills to effectively implement and integrate specialized IAM security solutions. While many IAM security consulting firms sell competing solutions, they often place an unrealistic level of expectation on their staff to learn the wide range of product sets. Accordingly, they offer little-to-no integration between an organization’s core security systems and rely extensively on blind troubleshooting later on.

What is Security Implementation and Integration?

Security Implementation and Integration describes the process by which an entity merges security applications that grant access to the daily technological operations and functions of a business. IAM security consulting firms must possess the expertise, resources, and bandwidth required to adequately and effectively deploy and integrate security technologies. An optimal implementation and integration practice sufficiently protects your organization, reduces risk of security breaches in the future, optimizes your return on investment, and improves systematic efficiency as a whole.

ISX offers extremely particular expertise throughout a comprehensive and accelerated portfolio of security integration and implementation services for the following solutions:


Symantec Identity Suite

Symantec Identity Portal (formally CA Identity Portal)
Symantec Identity Manager (formally CA Identity Manager)
Symantec Identity Governance (formally CA Identity Governance)

Symantec Directory (formally CA Directory)

ISXSecurity Implementation and Integration