ISX Security DevOps empowers organizations with cutting-edge technology and new processes to energize their go-to-market approach. In the past, development and operations teams were siloed within an organization. This created several problems caused by holes and obstacles ranging from process inefficiency, knowledge gaps, supportability issues, and communication. ISX specializes in helping organizations analyze, design, implement, and support modern Security DevOps strategies while leveraging continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) pipelines wherever possible.

What is Security DevOps?

Security DevOps refers to a selection of practices and tools that enables businesses to evolve their software infrastructure and applications at extremely high velocities. The term DevOps simply means the combination of development and operations teams within an organization. These teams are kept separate from each other under conventional organizational hierarchies. By merging them into a smoothly integrated unit focused on security management, which is sometimes called DevSecOps, business application processes that were normally painstaking become efficiently automated and seamless.

What Are the Benefits of Security DevOps?

Security DevOps provides businesses with enhanced collaboration, improved security and compliance, the ability to readily scale, reliable updates and maintenance, and faster delivery of application processes. These benefits facilitate substantial improvements in not just IT and security, but throughout the entire organization. By accelerating the delivery within their SDLC models and improving the quality of their products, ISX Security DevOps approaches allow our clients to surpass organizations using traditional software development and infrastructure management processes.

DevOps Best Practices:

Continuous Integration

Continuous Delivery


Infrastructure as Code

Monitoring and Logging

Communication and Collaboration

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