Today’s elaborate organizations require equally complex digital workplace security. Networks have become increasingly dynamic and the future of cybersecurity involves more countermeasures and tools to reduce risk of security breaches than ever before. Additionally, modern business process services must do more than just protect data. These services require information security experts to manage the capabilities of the intricate solutions themselves. With a comprehensive portfolio of Managed Security Services, ISX empowers its clients by minimizing threats, determining new points of risk, and taking charge of critical applications and programs to improve operational efficiency.

What Are Managed Security Services?

As an alternative to the on-demand outsourcing or “break/fix”model of information security implementation, Managed Security Services lets businesses offload the entire responsibility of maintaining and improving their IT applications to a qualified IAM consulting firm. This allows the business to focus on several other integral elements of their day-to-day operations, while vastly improving the efficiency of their business process services.

ISX Managed Security Services provides clients with a range of flexible benefits and capabilities, including Managed Privileged Access (PAM), Managed Identity Management (IdM), Managed SiteMinder, Managed (GOV), Managed Application Programming Interface (API), Managed (DIR), and Managed Cloud.

Managed Security Services benefits:

Upfront Launch Fee

Monthly Managed Service Fee

Business Outcome Focus

OE-EX Funded

24×7 Helpdesk Support

On-Site Emergency Services

Industry Compliance Experts

Personal Engineering Team

Solution-as-a-Service offerings:

Symantec Privileged Access Management

Symantec Identity Suite
(includes Identity Portal, Identity Manager,
and/or Identity Governance)

Symantec SiteMinder

Symantec Directory

Broadcom API Management
(includes API Gateway, API Developer
Portal, and Live API Creator)

Types of service offerings:

Cloud Software-as-a-Service (SaaS):
 a more sustainable, agile, and cost-effective solution specifically designed to drive the long-term success of your business

allows organizations to retain their on-premise system, and ISX will assume operational responsibility for the selected applications. The business still maintains responsibility for Operating Systems and Databases.

Managed PAM

ISX Symantec PAM Solution-as-a-Service (SPAMSaaS) leverages DevOps principles to help our customers automate infrastructure and application onboarding into their PAM environments. With our unique Identity Management strategies, ISX provides a fully managed, end-to-end user lifecycle management for all privileged identities. In either a cloud-based or on-premise system, and whether or not they are default identities or man-made identities, ISX Managed PAM is strategically formulated to maintain full administration.

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Managed IdM

ISX Symantec Identity Management Solution-as-a-Service (SIDaaS) provides a centralized Identity Management solution for both hybrid and non-hybrid enterprises. Our solution addresses the provisioning and deprovisioning of IT access across both on-premise and cloud-based eco-systems regardless of the Identity Class. These classes are used to identify all man-made (non-default) accounts within any operating system or software application. ISX’s unique approach provides our team governance to your entire identity population and bridges the gap between IT and Security and other lines of business.

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Managed SiteMinder

ISX Managed Symantec SiteMinder (SSaaS) allows our customers to outsource the responsibility for maintaining their existing SiteMinder environments while protecting their investment in their purchases. Organizations with staff that is either spread thin supporting multiple solutions or who have not been given proper training are often incapable of becoming a subject matter expert. It ultimately becomes too difficult for any organization to maximize the benefits of the solution due to these circumstances.

Managed GOV

ISX Symantec Identity Governance Directory-as-a-Service can be implemented as an on-premise or cloud-based solution for your organization. We utilize a Role-Based Access Control methodology, which can be used to develop your Access Service Catalog. Our Managed GOV will provide a central interface where your organization can certify user access in a friendly, efficient method. Specifically, our Identity Governance program will:

  • Centralize and simplify all necessary compliance activities
  • Provide Role Catalog Business entitlements
  • Enable real-time remediation
  • Improve policy enforcement
  • Facilitate customization for each role/user’s needs
Managed API

ISX provides API Management-as-a-Service as a core competency to its Managed Security Services. As API’s become more important to the development and expansion of the application economy, organizations are forced to address security services as a fundamental component of their overall capabilities. The speed of authentication, authorization, accounting, and transformation becomes increasingly crucial to an organization's efficiency and go-to-market strategy. With our API expertise, Information Security experience, and business process intelligence, ISX delivers high-value Managed API services for clients as they approach this capability as a necessity.

Managed DIR

ISX Managed Symantec Directory-as-a-Service (SDaaS) makes it easy to implement and operate directories on a variety of interfaces. Not only do we offer an LDAP interface, but ISX supports web browser, REST, and SOAP interfaces as well. Our Managed DIR services offer real-time directory statistics whether or not you’ve chosen the on-premise or cloud-based solution.

Managed Cloud
ISXManaged Security Services