ISX implements a proven methodology to help organizations manage their IT and security projects at maximum efficiency. According to the results of the 2017 Project and Portfolio Management Landscape summary, forty-nine percent of companies surveyed by Planview have seen a security project fail within a 12 month period. The PMP-certified IT Project Managers at ISX leverage state-of-the-art toolsets and years of industry experience to provide security project clarity and help reduce predictable issues. With clear visibility and proper expertise, the necessary personnel can execute more efficiently in the following areas:

  • Tasks, assignments, and timelines
  • Critical path tasks
  • Risks and mitigation steps
  • Decision logs
  • Issue logs

What is IT and Security Project Management?

As metrics and methodologies are evolving by the second, security technologies require constant oversight and monitoring. With expert configuration, efficient integration and automation, and the bandwidth for adequate surveillance, ISX maintains the health and capabilities of any range of business process services and applications. Our IT and Security Project Management ensures that all digital workplace security projects launch and operate successfully.

A Successful IT and Security Project:

Achieves business, functional & non-functional requirements

Adheres to
set timeline


Creates no

Meets client &
team expectations

ISXIT and Security Project Management