At ISX, our Enterprise Security Solution Architects guide our customers through building the ideal security solution, tailored to their specific requirements. In the rapidly changing technological environment of IAM security, organizations are challenged to transform and manipulate their business process services and systems to meet emerging demands. This digital transformation necessitates a specific expertise and a proven set of practices to align the organizational focus with the optimal enterprise security solutions.

What is Enterprise Architecture and Design?

Enterprise architecture and design describes the process of analyzing, creating, coordinating, and implementing enterprise software solutions to successfully execute the business operations. This practice ensures that all of an organization’s IT projects and programs remain up-to-date regarding industry trends and possible security breaches or disruptions. By designing and leveraging an impeccable IAM security framework, ISX facilitates our clients’ tactical goals to achieve their desired strategic outcomes.

Our design solutions are focused on the following areas:



System & Security Monitoring

Web Application


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