The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) plays a critical part in an organization’s ability to manage it’s cybersecurity program for the sole purpose of mitigating risk posed to its informational assets. Additionally, utilizing CISO as a Service provides insider guidance around new and pending privacy regulations. ISX allows an organization to build and tailor a CISO Service that fits their organizational needs.

What is CISO as a Service?

Successful organizations require a focused and detail-oriented approach to cybersecurity. While some businesses hire an internal CISO to manage and direct a team of security technicians, some businesses lack the bandwidth or resources to staff a full-time CISO. These organizations often turn to hiring a CISO as a Service to outsource their IAM and cybersecurity functions into the hands of experienced experts. As a counterpart to company executives, CISO as a Service offers comprehensive and objective recommendations on some of the most critical aspects of security infrastructure.

What is the Role of CISO as a Service?

A qualified and versatile CISO as a Service delivers a range of responsibilities, such as implementing a robust information security strategy; overseeing business process services, procedures, and standards; tracking and monitoring cybersecurity performance metrics, providing executive-quality analytics; and serving as an expert consultant and advisor to the organization’s leaders. An ISX CISO can provide leadership and guidance in the following areas without the cost of maintaining a CISO full-time equivalent:

  • Information Security Leadership and Guidance
  • Steering Committee Leadership or Participation
  • Security Compliance Management
  • Security Policy, Process, and Procedure Development
  • Security Training and Awareness
  • Information Security Budget Management
  • Application Security Development Program Management
  • Privileged Access Management Guidance
  • Identity and Access Management Guidance
  • Security Event and Incident Management
  • Identification and Access Management
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan Management
  • Third-Party Vendor Security Assessments
ISXCISO as a Service