How to Purge Data from Symantec Identity Governance

Article By: Adarian Dunmeyer

Good identity governance and administration requires you to purge old, unneeded data files from the Identity Governance database server periodically. The purge utility simplifies this maintenance task. The purge utility allows you to purge data the following ways:

  • Purge by Document, which allows you to delete the following:
    • Certifications
    • Import/Export/Correlation Process
    • Configuration
    • Universe
    • Approval Process
    • Identity Intelligence ETLs
    • Certification Reports
  • Purge by Date
  • Purge Permissions Configuration Users, which removes inactive Governance users who are not associated with at least one universe.

Needs to Know

  • If there are outstanding tasks, such as imports or certifications with the completion rate of 0/0 but you cannot purge them, you must enable the “Purge All” function in the property settings. 
  • WARNING:  Enabling Purge All on certifications will also allow you to remove the certification templates from the database. Accidentally deleting them will also remove the ability to create new campaigns for that template.


Task 1 – Enable “Purge All” Functions

  1. Navigate to “Administration>Settings>Property Settings”.
  2. In the filter bar, search for “allowPurgeAll” and click “Apply Filter”. Here, you should see the following properties:

  3. Click the pencil on “importExportCorrelation”.  Change the Property Value from “false” to “true” and change Type to “Database Property”. Click Save.
  4. You are now able to purge all import/export processes. Do the same steps for “processApproval” and “campaigns”.

Task 2 – Purge Data

  1. Navigate to “Administration>Settings>Purge Data”.
  2. Here we can select how we can purge the data. Select “By Document” in Purge Type.
  3. Select the process you want to purge and click next.
  4. Select the documents to be purge and click next.
  5. Click Finish.

Summary of Symantec Identity Governance Data Purge

This concludes how to purge data from Symantec Identity Governance. There are other purge functions that can be enabled or disabled in the property settings, which can be found by searching “purge” in the property settings. 

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ISXHow to Purge Data from Symantec Identity Governance

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